Eating after a sleep hangover

I took a nap sometime around 6:30 pm today, and woke at 8 in the evening, rather disoriented.  Sometimes after naps I have a “sleep hangover” in which I shuffle around the house aimlessly as the slow grip of sleep unfurls its tendrils from my brain.

I was hungry, and in the mood for Stardust or pizza.  Pizza was the winner, but not before I found out about Pom-Pom’s change in opening hours on the weekends.  Looking at their hours, it looks like they’re open for sixty-six hours straight from 11 am Friday until 6 pm Sunday.  For reals?!  Seriously?  I still thought they closed at 8 at night this whole time!

Oh man, now there is no need to deny oneself a Danny G craving at 4 am during the wee weekend hours.  You can just go!  I’m imagining all sorts of scenarios when I’m actually not being a homebody and going to Pom’s right after whatever late-night adventures: Pom’s after I-Bar, Pom’s after Redlight, Pom’s… after waking up from a late-night nap.

So, if you’ve got a hankering and can’t take another early morning at Denny’s or IHOP, go to Pom-Pom’s on Bumby and have a look at their menu.


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