Fun at MegaCon

I went to MegaCon on the 1st of March with Hao, which was the final day of the three-day event, and had quite a bit of fun. There was a lot to see–celebrities of sorts, costumed con-goers, merchandise, artists’ tables, bizarre fighting rings where strangers whack swords at each other–and I was glad I had just enough money to experience it.

First off, let me say the most exciting event at MegaCon was my chance to meet James Callis of the awesome television series Battlestar Galactica. Unfamiliar with Battlestar Galactica? This BSG primer on will give you some background into the series.  I only just have begun watching it myself last month, so I’m a very recent fan.

James Callis, who plays Gaius Baltar on the show, was one of the headlining celebrities of MegaCon, if not THE headlining person, alongside Tricia Heilfer, also of BSG fame who portrays the many incarnations of Six.  Heilfer, who is also an awesome actress on the show, was only making a Saturday appearance, so she wasn’t there on the day I went.  James Callis, happily, was there, and Gaius Baltar is my favourite character.  So at the convention, I trundled off into the midst of geekery to the side of the vast room where the tables were set up for the stars.

When I first got there, though, Mr Callis went off to take a break, as I was informed by the two women seated at the table in front of Mr Callis’ table.  I should note that these women at the table were about mid-age; not members of Gaius Baltar’s religious harem on television.  When I came back around twenty minutes later, James Callis was back, and the line wasn’t terribly long.  I was excited.  It was only then I took notice of something on the womens’ table: their cash box.  My face fell.

Me: “Oh, is there a charge…?”

One of the ladies: “Yes, it’s $25 for an autographed 8″x10″.”  She gestures over to the stack of glossy Baltars, some of which featuring a sexy Six.  “It’s $20 if you want to have a picture with him taken with your camera.”  She nods to my digicam in my hand.

Me: “Oh.  Well… I was just wanting to tell him what a great actor he was…”  I begin to shuffle sadly away.

One of the ladies: “Oh, no, it doesn’t cost anything to just talk to him!”

The other lady: “Yeah, if you wanted to just chit-chat with him and tell him that, go right ahead!”

So I did.  I waited in the queue, and after a photo-op with a baby (seriously), it was my turn.  I walked up, rather timidly, and shook hands with with James Callis and introduced myself and began with something along the lines of, “I just wanted to let you know what an amazing performance you do…” and continued to babble with things like “The show is just fanastic!” and “You’re my favourite character!” and, at the end of my gushfest, James Callis looked at me and said, “Thank you!” and came around the table and gave me a hug!


In my tomato-blushed giddiness post-James Callis’ hug, which was FREE and WAY BETTER than a damn 8″x10″, I texted a status update to Facebook–I couldn’t help myself: Doreen just got a hug from James Callis from Battlestar Galactica!  Later, I got a response from Miriam: Shut up! Gaius Baltar hugged you! Man I wanted to go sooo bad, but alas I am poor!

So folks, just remember….

8’x10′ glossy of James Callis as Gaius Baltar signed by the actor: $25.

Photograph of you with James Callis at Megacon: $20.

Going up to James Callis and getting hugged by him after a huge gushfest about what a wonderful actor he is, how he plays your favourite character, and how fantastic Battlestar Galactica is: priceless.

Aside from that spectacular moment of being embraced by awesomeness in the form of James Callis, there was still a lot to do and see at MegaCon.  There were many, many vendors selling things from shirts and swords (really pointy swords), comics and corsets, Pocky and plushies.  At times, it was a bit too crowded to get a good look at some of the tables, but I did get a good look at some.  I saw Christian Slade, author/illustrator of the Korgi series at the Top Shelf merchandise table.  We have some of the Korgi series at the library, and I recently checked out the first volume of the series. It’s excellent, and if you like graphic novels, especially if you’d like something both you and your pre-teen niece or nephew might both enjoy, I would encourage you to check it out.

I was interested in much of the merch for sale at MegaCon, especially from the PinkGhost display, but had to skulk away from folks eager to sell their goods. Fortunately for the vendors, there seemed to be quite a few folks engaged in exercising their purchasing power.  I saw a young woman dressed as Harley Quinn trying on corsets over her costume, which was a little surreal.  The only thing I wound up buying was a cup of frozen yoghurt.  Tasty!

There were also displays of famous movie and television robots, including Bender from Futurama, which was alongside an R2D2.  Another display showcased LEGO landscapes of a Japanese castle during a battle.  If you’d like to see photos from MegaCon, have a look at my Flickr account.

All in all, MegaCon was worth the experience.  I still blush about getting hugged by James Callis.  Clark says I’m part of Baltar’s harem now.  Oh well, frack it.


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