Hobnobbing it up at Will’s Pub

On the 21st of February, our friend Brian was playing with his band at Will’s Pub.  Clark and I made plans to go, and we enlisted the company of the art-awesome supercouple of Orlando, Mike and Marie.  Because Will’s Pub was so close, we opted to walk from M&M’s abode, which took all of perhaps ten minutes or so.  In the meantime, we walked past what was no doubt a happening night at the Orange Building on Mills, and crossed Mills Avenue in a haphazard fashion.  Hao would be join us later in the evening.

Unfortunately, by the time my friends and I got to Will’s, Brian’s band had already played, and we didn’t even see him in the bar.  We saw his blue car parked outside, but it was the only evidence we had that he was there.


Still, the other bands we did catch playing at Will’s Pub that evening were exceptionally good.  But first, let’s talk about Will’s Pub.

After a long wait, Will’s Pub has reopened down the street from its old location on Mills to a new location, also on Mills.  The new set-up is a little similar, yet a little different, from the old place.  The first room one enters is the pool room, then the next room is where the shows are held, and then, in the back, is the room with the bar.  Unlike the old Will’s, the new one doesn’t have a glass door to block out the music if you so chose to avoid the band that night.  Also unlike the old Will’s, the bar placement is towards the back of the area, not the front, so there was a bit of confusion as the four of us wandered in, trying to find the bar.  Still, considering the way the rooms/building was set up, I don’t think they could have done it any other way, so I don’t think it’s a proper complaint, all things considered.  My only real valid complaint is the lack of a proper website.  People!  Stop using MySpace as your sole web presence!  Get a proper website, or even a blog!  Anything is better than MySpace!  There are a few other places guilty of using their MySpace profile as a website–Redlight and Stardust come to mind.

The new Will’s Pub has brought the old clientele with it, which is good, although I had to kind of keep my eye on this one guy who was more than a little drunk.  He nearly bumped into me, then spilt a whole entire pint of beer on the Monopoly pinball game.  What a waste of beer!  Unless, of course, it was bad beer.  On the subject of places to relieve oneself (aside from the street outside), I counted three bathroom facilities total, and the night I went, wait time was minimal, so hurrah for that.  The beer stock seemed good enough–not extensive, but quite adequate for a neighbourhood bar.  I was able to get a Hitachino Nest White Ale for my first round, but had to switch to a Woodchuck Granny Smith cider when the bar sold out of HN White Ale bottles.  It’s okay, I guess someone else also enjoys one of my favourite beers.

And now, the bands.  Unfortunately I can’t comment on Brian’s band, but I am certain they were wonderful, despite his later claims otherwise.  However, I would like to talk about Kingsbury, an excellent local band whose music seems to fit into the post-rock genre, although no doubt someone can come up with a better description far more intricate than mine.  They were very good, and I enjoyed their set incredibly.  If you want to hear them, you can get mp3s off their website, kingsburymusic.net.  These mp3s are free, but the band requests that you donate a bit of funds to help the band keep up with band stuff, so it’s the least you can do.  Remember what Radiohead did with In Rainbows?  It’s a little like that.  You can read a review from another blog writer on Kingsbury’s latest EP, Lie To Me, here: Confessions of a Would-be Hipster.

Khann was next, and this band was more for the Mike-Marie-Clark crowd of metal enthusiasts.  At this point I discovered there were 6 credits on the machine at the bar, and got hooked on this game involving pipes and some weird cartoon Einstein character.  I barely noticed Clark leaving, then Mike and Marie left, then Pontiak started and Hao went to go check them out.  I’m kicking myself now for missing much of Pontiak’s show, because they were amazing.  If I could redo the night, I would have stopped after game #2 with Einstein and the pipes and caught the Pontiak show properly.  And I would have avoided getting bumped into (seemingly on purpose) by another drunken guy.  Seriously, he squished me against the wall as I stood behind Hao, who was oblivious, so I shared a “WTF?  Who is this guy?” look with some other young gentleman who did happen to see the bizarre physical near-altercation.  In the end, I just moved away from Mr Bumper, and that was that.  He probably also spilt beer on the Monopoly pinball game, too, as far as I know.

Should Pontiak ever return to Orlando, I shall give them the captive audience that is their due.  If you’d like to read up more about them, here is their band profile on Thrill Jockey.  In the meantime, I’m pleased to have Will’s Pub so close to my ‘hood, and hope to be making the walk there again soon.  I just have to be ready for weirdos who feel the need to bump into me.  I seem to be a magnet for that sort of thing.


2 thoughts on “Hobnobbing it up at Will’s Pub

    • They have two pinball machines! I’ve forgotten what the other machine’s theme was, but Will’s Pub has two pinball machines, provided that beer doesn’t get rained upon them in a nightly fashion, disrupting the games’ mechanisms.

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