Florida Film Festival, less than a month away

This year I’m volunteering with the Florida Film Festival, and I went to my orientation meeting on Saturday at the Enzian, despite fighting a cold and having to periodically leave the room to expel from my nose.  Unpleasant, but I wanted to be involved in a film festival I’ve been enjoying on and off since 2001.  I say “on and off,” because some years I missed out on some films, either being too broke or being out of the country at the time, but oh well.

Due to a drawing of lots to sign up for volunteer spots, I am unfortunately not going to be a very active volunteer, having had most of the spots for volunteering taken by people who had numbers higher than mine (#187, which is rather ominous).  Oh well, I *am* going to be working on putting up posters in the Bumby/Crystal Lake area, so at least I’ll earn my badge in that manner.

fff_09_posterThe Florida Film Festival will be running from Friday, March 27th, through Sunday, April 5th, so that’s more than a week to catch some great films from all over the world.  This year is supposed to showcase a number of animated films, too, so I’m excited for that.  Film admission is $10, but if you plan on seeing many films this year, you may want to look at the prices for passes and ticket packages if you’re interested in saving five bucks or so.  The complete schedule of films and events should be up by the 9th, so keep an eye out for movies you may want to see.

If you’re really looking forward to the Florida Film Festival, and want to start your film geekery early, this month the Orlando Museum of Art’s 1st Thursday event is The Art of Film Making.  Since I’m an OMA member, I can get in for free (haha!), but for non-members, the event fee is $10 for admission.  It’s this Thursday, the 5th of March, and I hope to be able to make it.  I have a jury summons for the 5th, so I’m really hoping I won’t be called in.

If you are on Twitter, you can get information tweeted to you by following FloridaFilmFest.  Take a gander at the Florida Film Festival blog as well to see how far along the staff and volunteers are coming.  And if you’re on Facebook like all the other cool kids, there is a Facebook Group you can join as well.


One thought on “Florida Film Festival, less than a month away

  1. oooh, color me jealous, florida film festival! you should come up for seattle’s – three long and lovely weeks of films. i have volunteered a few years in the past and may again since you usually get to watch free movies while you earn vouchers to watch free movies. one day i’d like to go back to berlin, solely for their film festival. perhaps we can go on a film festival vacation together some day in the future.

    also, i love your blog! i love how you picked your apt based on the publix. in college i used to pick my dorm room based on proximity to a good water fountain.

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