Nights of Hobnobbery: Audubon Community Market

This will be the first part in a series which will likely be a semi-regular feature here on TastyFever: Nights of Hobnobbery.  Basically, it’s going to events, hanging out, and writing about them at a later date.  I suppose I have already done this in a few posts, but since this week is projected to be a hobnobbin’ week, I thought I would start a new series.

For this segment, I would like to address the recent reopening of Audubon Park Community Market.  The market reopened in the parking lot of Stardust this Wednesday evening past, causing a conundrum of cars to be parked at the ABC Liquors across the street.  With an emphasis on local artists, crafters, growers and musicians, the Audubon Park Community Market was a good success despite the chill in the air.  A young girl came up to me asking for me to see her jewelry, which was under a tent on a table next to the pieces her mother made.  Accessories were big at the market, with buttons, necklaces, rings and bags making a big showing.  There was also a vendor selling local raw honey, which I was very tempted to buy despite having jars of honey stashed away in my cupboards.  Yeah, the last thing I need is more honey.

Mollie and I also spoke with Tia of the Simple Living Institute, a local non-profit set to show people how to grow plants and live in a sustainable manner.  They hold free meetings every third Wednesday at nearby Leu Gardens.  There’s more awesome information about this organisation, but I would advise you to just go to the Simple Living Institute’s website and read what they’re all about.  I think it’s a pretty awesome local movement.

Plants were for sale, and I think once the weather gets a bit warmer, I’d love to buy a few herbs to put in front of the house.  My poor basil plant is still kicking, despite the weather, but I don’t want to handle any other plants for the moment until spring.

The only downer was the cold.  Floridians aren’t used to temperatures that dip below 50F degrees.  Poor Brian, who was selling items with a consortium of artistic friends, couldn’t stop shivering.  I was well-dressed in a fabulous vintage coat purchased on Etsy, so I was actually all right except for my hands.  The cold sent several would-be market-goers running into Stardust for food and the warmth of coffee or whiskey.  I met up with my friend Mollie and, after a round of checking out the tents and stalls, we both bought produce from the produce stall, then settled into Stardust for part of the evening before moving ourselves on over to Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux.

For those of us who miss the old College Park Farmer’s Market, the Audubon Park Community Market has less emphasis on ready-made food, more emphasis on local crafts, farming and musicians, at least for the moment.  Since it has only just reopened, I’m confident the stalls will grow as more and more people hear about the market through word-of-mouth sources.  If you have something to share with the community, why not do so?


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