Ending the year, 2008-style

doreen and a lemonThe holidays were good to me, as I hope they were for you.  My parents took me along to visit some of my father’s side of the family in the Highland county area of Florida, where I got to pick Honeybell oranges from my great-aunt’s backyard and wild, presumably Meyer, lemons in the forest over the barbed-wire fence of my aunt’s ranch.  I still have orange juice and lemon juice I’m not sure what to do with.  I think some lemonade is in order.

I did make a really good batch of lemon sugar cookies, which were a big hit at work when I brought them in.

In any case, it was good to reconnect with my aunts and Granny, whom I don’t see often.

I rang in 2009 with friends at the Peacock Room, which was nice because it’s walking distance from our houses, and they make good hot toddies.  Afterwards, we played a boardgame at Marie and Mike’s called 7 Deadly Sins, which was fun but a bit dangerous.  It’s not a game to play with people you don’t know well unless you want to get to know them… perhaps too well.  Even though Clark passed out on the couch straightaway, the remaining conscious players had a good time.


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