Right now is not the best time to have to be at the grocery store, but unless you have somehow finagled out of doing any cooking or baking this holiday, you likely have to buy something.  And, chances are, that something may be something the store is completely out of, like the buttermilk and organic cranberries I cranberry cornbread leftoverswas looking for at the biggie Whole Foods at the intersection of Sand Lake and Turkey Lake.  Completely out.  Lucky for me, I had a box of organic cranberries already, and I know that one can often replace buttermilk with sour cream (although you may need to add a liquid, like whole milk, to the batter), which I did for the cranberry cornbread I made at a potluck Thanksgiving dinner I went to yesterday with Clark.  It was a work party, so there was quite a bit of shop talk I didn’t participate much in.

By the way, I had to call in from work this morning because something I ate or drank didn’t agree with my stomach.  I’m better after some Publix Tums and a nap, but my stomach is still a bit dodgy.  Tonight’s dinner menu will likely be regulated to soup and garlic naan, coupled with tea, or perhaps some hot oatmeal with cinnamon and ginger.  As of this weekend, I’m loosely following a diet based on Chinese Food Therapy to ameliorate a dampness issue I have that could be inhibiting the healing of my joints.  It’s a long story to get into, but basically I have been ordered to avoid cold salads and potatoes in any form (although I think sweet potatoes are okay), and eat hot foods and drink hot beverages as much as possible.

Anyhoot, although the potluck is behind me, the holiday itself looms, and even though the holiday will be spent as a micro-meal with my mother and me, that’s no excuse not to get a little fancy-pants.  I’d like to make more cranberry cornbread, assuming I can find organic cranberries.  If not, I may resort to the frozen blueberries I have in the freezer.  Although I have leftover’s from last night’s party, I kind of want to make a fresh batch for my ma and I, because that way she can keep any leftovers for later snacking and also for my father, who’s working that day.

Also, there’s this wonderful dish I found while perusing my old copies of Everyday Food called Spinach-and-Cheese Puff.  It was in last year’s November issue, and I’d really like to give it a go.  It’s a large dish that serves eight, but I’m not sure if I want to try and half it since I’ve never made it before.  Plus, this would make great leftovers.  The recipe calls for Gruyere cheese, but after perusing Wikipedia, I think I can use a variety of somewhat similar cheeses which may be cheaper at the store: Comte, Beaufort, Fontina, Gouda, Taleggis, Emmental, Edam.  The Publix on 17-92 near Krispy Kreme had Gruyere, but it was $12 for a block of it, so I may need to amend the recipe in favour of cheese that’s a bit less expensive.  Plus, I could also throw in some not-so-similar cheeses for a contrasting flavour and texture.

So, tonight, I’ll be braving Whole Foods once more for frozen spinach, half-and-half, fancy cheese, organic cranberries, and perhaps another dozen eggs to be on the safe side.  I’ll be opting for the closer Whole Foods on Aloma Avenue, which I imagine will be full of shoppers getting ingredients for their own Thanksgivings.


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