Early birthday celebrations

Yesterday, my friends Marie and Mike held an early birthday party for me.  Marie, who is the party planning queen among our troupe, asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday a few weeks back, and it was tough coming up with something somewhat original.  I mean, my birthday is actually Wednesday, the 27th, which makes an inconvenient time to stay up and drink/party for those of us who work the following day, which would have been everyone.  Even I can’t stay up late, since I’ve got to be at the airport at 5 am in the morning Thursday to go to Seattle.

Since I’d be in Seattle on the weekend after my birthday, that left the weekend prior.  I opted for something that would enable a small gathering of folks to get together and hang out.  Thus, the idea for a cheese party was born.  This was the e-mail I sent to my friends whom I invited:
Subject:  for my birthday, we’re cutting the cheese

Hey there, movers and shakers. 

To celebrate the momentous occasion of my divine birth, hostess-with-the-mostess Marie will be holding a cheese party this Sunday, the 24th, at the MMM Mansion on Ferncreek at 5 pm.  She has asked me to send out invites to people, and here it is: an invitation.

So, your presence is requested at ~~~ Ferncreek Avenue on Sunday, August 24th, at 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.  Please bring along the following items:

1. A tasty block of cheese
2. A tasty beverage accompaniment suitable for quaffing down with cheese and crackers, which means no bad beer.

Because we are in a recession, I will completely understand if you cannot manage to bring one of the above items, but at the very least, bring along a hunk of cheese.  My birthday (which is actually on the 27th) will be used as an occasion for us to all get together and try out different nibblies we normally don’t get around to enjoying often, especially some of the more exotic, fancy cheeses in the Whole Foods cheese bin (but you don’t have to go to Whole Foods for your block of dairy goodness).  If you’d like to bring a friend, please ask that he or she contribute to the cheese education cause, or perhaps some crackers, fruit, magic dippy stuff, or drinks.

For beer and cheese pairings, feel free to refer to this article for ideas: Delicate Pairings of Beer and Cheese.  For those of you who may only think of cheese as Velveeta, which I don’t think is any of you, this article on Cheese Varieties can help you get started on making a selection.  If you’d like to bring along some other accompaniments, here’s a Guide to Cheese Condiments.

Please RSVP, and let me know if you’re bringing along any guests.


Anyway, naturally the e-mail went out to more recipients than attendees… in fact I think only my friend Kate replied for her and Rob.  Yep, this is why Kate is on my speed dial–not only will she bring you back jam from the wilds of Tennessee, but she will let you know that she’ll be somewhere, or not.  Ah well, my group of friends is tiny and small, but they’ve got spirit, and I had a fantastic time with a kick-ass cake and loads of different types of cheese.

Seriously, the cake was the shit: a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting lookin’ like a cheese round, complete with fondant mice and a fondant cat, just ‘cuz.  I’m sure once people see the cake, and all the cheese, they’ll wish they were there at Mike & Marie’s, too.

Even better, Marie took all the leftover cheese and crackers and made a fabulous mac n’ cheese this evening that was superb, it was like the party continued the next evening with a guest who couldn’t make it the previous night. 

I’d like to thank everyone who showed up yesterday evening, and a big high-five to Kate for the pillows, Mike and Marie for the cookbook and for hosting the event, and a squeeze for Hao… because he’s Hao.

But my birthday doesn’t end there!  There’s the monthly office “cake day” tomorrow in my department for everyone whose birthday is this month (four of us), then on Wednesday, I have Ethiopian food to look forward to with my parents for lunch, and after that, Seattle and Debbie’s wedding!  I might get to go out to dinner on my birthday, too.  I won’t push it, though.  At the very least, I think it’s high time I make some madeleines with my pan I bought last month prior to my wrist injury.

Happy birthday to me.


One thought on “Early birthday celebrations

  1. That was a fun night! Just wanted to give credit where blah blah blah and make the correction that Clark provided the cookbook; I gave you the cake, and Mike drank your beer.

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