It is now mid-August

I had been dormant for a bit, trying to let my wrist heal, then went back to work, only to be sent back off-duty again.  Having received a more precise listing of work duties, I shall be back at work at the daily grind tomorrow for half a shift, just to have a go at light duty, and then I’ll be off to my own devices, which include a run up to my parents’ to take care of a favour for them (and to poke around in their fridge to see if they have anything good) and perhaps, if my wrist and, now, elbow feel up to it, making something out of the five or six little plums I got from Orlando Organics.

I won’t be getting my next Orlando Organics delivery until the 9th of September, because I will be going to Seattle shortly after my birthday for the super cool wedding of my friend, Debbie, to her longtime beau Andrew.  There’s going to be Indian food, and that is reason enough for me to fly across the United States.  If it’s going to be buffet-style, I’m going to bring an extra napkin.

Before their wedding on the 31st, I’m going to have to find some other stuff to eat from Thursday on.  Top Pot Doughnuts come to mind, but aside from doughnuts, I have an online friend on who gave me the skinny on places to eat around town.  Mr Tyler suggested Thai Tom, which he says is “hands down, the best Thai food ever.”  As someone who lived in Thailand for eight months, I shall be a mildly harsh judge.  He also suggested Hillside Quickie, which is supposed to serve up vegan soul food.  Tyler also suggested that I make my way to the International District for good, cheap Asian food.  A couple of restaurants he named were Tamarind Tree and Seven Stars Peppers.  Does Tamarind Tree have tamarinds?  I like tamarinds.  I was first exposed to their sour-sweetness in Thailand, and the Puerto Rican community in Florida who are actually from Puerto Rico are well-familiar with the tamarindo.

Gosh, I hope I have enough money for all this eating I want to do.  Although worker’s comp is paying me a fraction of my pay for watching Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, I’d rather earn my full wage working, so that I can later spend my full wage on food and whatever strikes my fancy.  I had wanted to work at Stardust on Saturday as well as Sunday, but, well, Honey needs me to pick him up after dropping off his car to get his breaks done, so meh.  Sunday, though, it’s still on, and I’ve got a revised work restriction paper that’ll enable me to put in my 3-4 hours of labour.

Fresh scones for Sundays!  Yay!


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