What this wrist has wrought

I can’t write long, for I’ve gotten an injury to my left wrist, evidently from overuse at my job.  I’m like the fourth or fifth person to have a hand or wrist injury at my main job, so I have to wear a brace to keep my wrist immobile, although currently I’m not wearing it because I washed it last night, and the damn thing still hasn’t fully dried yet.

In comparison to Tuesday and Wednesday, my wrist is definitely on the mend; I’m able to hold a full cup of tea in my left hand without any pain, and I can hold a few other things, but not for a long period of time, or else I do begin to feel a strain.  For example, I was holding some leftover green curry while walking around on Park Avenue with my mother, and when I held the small plastic bowl in my left hand, I could only keep it there for a little bit until I felt like I needed to switch it out with my right.

I’m actually right-handed, so I’ve been able to get by these past few days.  I’m off work from the Library for a week beginning this past Tuesday, and I sadly won’t be working at Stardust this Sunday.  Even though I’m feeling better, I don’t want to push my luck.  Still, I should be right as rain to churn out scones and other sweeties the following Sunday, providing that a return to my regular job won’t provoke any sort of further upsets in my wrist.  

Although a break from work can be nice, it’s only really enjoyable if you can do the things you like to do.  Since I can’t bake, and driving around can be a bit of a predicament using one hand, I’ve mostly been sitting at home watching Samantha Brown: Passport to Great Weekends and various rubbish on VH1.

Well, I can’t really type any more than this, so I’ll close it here.  Hopefully my next entry will be back to baking and more foodie fun, rather than me bitchin’ about my aches and pains.


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