Shift change at Stardust

Due to a recent opportunity for Saturday-morning overtime at my main job, I’ll be working Sunday mornings at Stardust instead of Saturdays until further notice.  So, arrange your planned scone breakfast-noshing accordingly!

Although it’s intended to be a temporary move, I think I might like baking on Sundays better than Saturdays, as it gives me more time to get ingredients I might need over the weekend, like fresh fruit and additional things Stardust could be out of that I need, like butter or eggs.  Plus, I will have Saturday mornings to go to the Winter Park Farmer’s Market before it gets too hot and all the good French pastries sell out.

Anyway, this past Sunday was my first Sunday shift, and I was able to turn out blackberry and blueberry scones, a vegan coffee cake *and* these brownie/coconut things I called “crack bars” due to Greg’s comment about my bench scraper that I used to cut the thing up into squares with, although I think the correct term is Black-Bottomed Coconut Bars.  But doesn’t the moniker “crack bars” sound better-suited for Stardust?  It’s edgy and straight-to-the-point, dammit.

And, in other news, today I finally broke down and bought something I’ve been wanting for a very long time: a madeleine pan!

I wish I could say that I went home and baked madeleines right away, but as my roommate Clark was occupying the kitchen, I didn’t.  Even if he wasn’t puttering around with his rosemary lamb burgers, I probably wouldn’t have thrown together some madeleines anyway.  It’s a bit odd, but I feel my first batch of madeleines requires the right moment, perhaps a special Saturday afternoon when it’s raining, or a nice visit from some friends when I have some time to make some tea.

Right now, though, I actually want to make some more of those crack bars instead.  And this time add chocolate chips to the coconut-blondie half of the batter.


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