Sarah Bon’s Photography, and my moment as Das Modell

My friend and local uber-talent Sarah Bon will be having an art opening on Friday, the 18th of July, at AKA Lounge.  The event is hosted by local music maven DJ Smilin’ Dan, who has dubbed it “Substance 2,” which leads me to expect at least a couple of New Order tracks to be played during the night.

Sarah took some photos of me at work at Stardust, making blueberry scones (as I was burning banana cupcakes in the oven), and she also grabbed me and a handful of her other friends to be used as models for her more portrait-based photography.  I made the joke that all of us would have some kick-ass photos for, Facebook, Goodreads and other social sites soon.  I haven’t seen any of the photographs, although I hear my friend Melanie got a sneak peek at some (cheater), so I will be just as surprised as anyone else as to how they turned out.  I’m extra curious as to how the baking ones turned out, as I bought a whole new smock-like apron for the event.  Truly, it was just an excuse for me to get another apron.  I love aprons.

The flyer features one of Sarah’s friends I don’t know too well, but I do remember her being pretty cool when I met her at Sarah and Robert’s place a couple Sundays ago, along with two sisters, and the three of them seemed nice.  The photo looks very rock n’ roll with the eyeliner and the screenprinted gun shirt.

So, if you’ve got seven bucks in your pocket, wallet, sock or brassiere, come down to AKA Lounge on Pine Street downtown and have a gander at some photography, check out some live music, have some beer or other bevvies, and hang out.  I’m not familiar with the bands who will be performing, but I’m sure it will be good times, as good people–my friends–will be in attendance.

But I make no guarantees.


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