Tales of excessive utensils

My mother has eight wooden spoons.  For whatever mysterious reason, she has accumulated eight wooden spoons, and they’re all kept in a drawer with a multitude of other utensils, perhaps even another wooden spoon I didn’t count.

I am amazed at the amount of kitchen utensils my mother has managed to collect over the years, and yet, she seems to have only one silicon spatula to flip over pancakes.  Since it’s all kept in a drawer, a bit of a dig is involved to find the right utensil needed–gigantic wooden chopsticks, one of a number of wooden spoons, a wooden spatula or three, a potato-masher, etc.

The new place I’ll be living at has ample drawer space for Clark and I.  I don’t have nearly the number of kitchen items my mother has, but I actually have one or two duplicates of things, if I remember rightly.  Much of my stuff is either sharing space with my parents’ stuff or in boxes, so I can’t remember exactly what I have.  However, I do have a rather excessive amount of pastry blenders, because I used to keep one at my old apartment, and another at the apartment of my former boyfriend, and this keeping of two sets went on with a few other things, like silicon spatulas and mixing bowls.  I gave some of these extras away to my friend Mike when I moved out of the apartment on Lakeview, but not the pastry blender, which then was taken to my parents’ place.  Yesterday, when I took my mother to Michael’s, I got sucked into the display they had for Wilton baking products.  When I walked away, I had a stack of items consisting of measuring cups, a liquid measuring cup, a “baker’s blade” and another damn pastry blender.

I haven’t used the “baker’s blade,” which seems to be a fancy way of saying a bench scraper, nor the new pastry blender, but I’ve used both the measuring cups and the liquid cup today for pancakes and for the failed attempt at thumbprint cookies I’ve made–failed because I squished the cookies when I shouldn’t have, and I don’t think I cooked the jam all the way through so that they’d harden properly when added to the tops of the cookies.  Bah!  In any case, I don’t think I should buy any more utensils until I’ve moved into the new duplex, so that way I can have all my things together and accounted for, and to see what I might need, if anything.  I won’t need wooden spoons, though, as I think I might relieve my mother of the army that she has.


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