Hamburger America: the book AND dvd!

I pestered my local library to start carrying Hamburger America, the book, and they got a copy, which I have now checked out. When I took a look at the cover, there’s a sticker the library put on that says “1 disc included.” Do you know what that disc was?

That’s right, Hamburger America, the movie!

So, you realise I have to share the film with as many people as possible, yeah? I’ve already made my parents watch it, and I thought my father was going to have a heart attack merely watching Solly’s butterburgers being made. “Oh my God, that’s BUTTER?!” he freaks while watching a woman slab on a hefty dollop of butter onto a bun before mushing it down onto a burger.

Potential food rule: Butter makes everything better. This rule may have to be tested out on a butterburger of my own with a veggie patty. Yes, I’m game enough, but I don’t know if I’d want quite as much butter as Solly’s Grille tops theirs with. Seriously, the camera zooms in on these burgers, and you can see the golden liquid dripping on the sides! The film even shows a patron sopping up some of the butter with half of his burger. It should also be mentioned Solly’s Grille is right across the street from a medical center treating heart diseases. Surprisingly, though, the owner of Solly’s Grille mentions two men in their 90s who’d been coming to Solly’s Grill for decades, and seem to be doing just fine.

Potential food theory: Butter makes you live longer.

I can imagine cardiologists cringing at the thought of a butterburger, but I’ll bet a few of those people that work at the nearby heart care center make dashes across the street to get their butterburger fixes.

Eventually, I’ll have to break down and buy this book, so I can have the book and dvd on hand for future reference and edification, as well as to share it with people who aren’t yet my friends, but someday will be (aw!). Yesterday I began reading the book, and currently I’m in the Louisiana section, where Port of Call in New Orleans is listed. There is only one place listed in Florida, Le Tub of Hollywood. In America, it seems the best states for burgers, according to George Motz, are California (9 entries), Oklahoma (7 entries), Ohio (6 entries), Connecticut (5 entries) and Texas (8 entries).

If you want to know more about Hamburger America or George Motz, the brainchild behind the projects, go to the website: Motz has a blog where you can catch up on what’s current–at the moment, the most recent entry is on the book tour he’s doing. If you live in Orange County in Florida, you’ll be happy to know that the Orange County Library System has two copies of Hamburger America, both of which are currently checked out–one by yours truly. Don’t worry, I’ll be returning mine shortly once I’ve finished reading it and have made a few of my friends watch the dvd. If you can’t wait, though, you can buy it online through Shop OCLS, with, or get a used copy with Abebooks.


2 thoughts on “Hamburger America: the book AND dvd!

  1. OMG, I have the associated map with this book. It’s in a form of a restaurant placemat. Mooshine in Illinois absolutely rules!!!! Unfortunately, Port O’ Call in Nawlins was extremely disappointing, my high expectations not withstanding. The patty had no flavor whatsoever and had to settle for bacon bits instead of the real stuff on my burger. Was a little mystified by the South Pacific motif.

    I am going to try the joint on the list in Metarie, LA just outside of NOLa next time I’m down there. Enoch’s (smoky Irish Pub NOT on the list) in Monroe, La has an incredible burger though. They do serve incredible patties but get some points off for ‘false advertising’. Their Tuesday 2 for 1 burgers ONLY applies if you bring a burger buddy, i.e. you actually are not allowed to order 2 for yourself. However, there’s something to be said about being able to chug a pear cider to accompany your meal. Oh, also Char-grill in Raleigh which is listed on the top 100 is decent but by no means irresistible. Eventually, I’ll make it to that 100 year old oil deep fired joint you had told me about :)

    Check out the photo’s of some of the aforementioned delicacies at

  2. Gary, are you going to be putting out a rival book soon? I can see it now: The League of Hamburger Aficionados.

    I couldn’t join, ‘cuz I’m veg.

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