Come to me, Mr Bento!

When I’m sick (yes, I’m sick again), I tend to putter around a lot online. And when I putter around online, sometimes I’m lured into buying things.

Hence, my order last night for the Zojirushi Mr Bento!It's Mr Bento!

Isn’t it awesome? Mr Bento comes with its own carrying case, as seen here, and there are four inner containers, one of which is meant to be used as a soup bowl, because, according to some of the reviews (this helpful one in particular), it keeps soup good and hot. This might be ideal for those of you who like a hot lunch at work, according to this review and this one.

Plus, Zojirushi is a brand I’ve come to respect, because everyone knows they make kick-ass rice cookers (my parents own one), and a quality Japanese brand is well-known for having a cute animal logo. Seriously, don’t buy a rice cooker without a cute animal logo on it. I think my parents bought me one sans-logo and it didn’t work for me. Other logos can be acceptable, depending whether or not they are cute. My parents gave me a rice cooker that’s been cookin’ up the white stuff for over ten years now, and it has this cute little raindrop logo with a little asterisk-looking flower inside. The brand is a Japanese one, Aroma, with the “o” replaced by the cute little raindrop-flower combo.  I’ve seen Aroma brand products online recently, and they seem to be missing the logo.  I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t trust these non-logo models.  Cute doesn’t always equate to well-made, but in rice cookers, it may be a deciding factor.

I found out about Mr Bento from the website ThisNext, “a shopcasting network where you can discover, recommend and share things you love. Everything on ThisNext is recommended by real people like you.” Shopcasting? “Shopcasting is a way to spread the word about things you love. ‘Shopcast’ is a word that combines shopping and broadcasting. What podcasting did for audio is what we’re doing for shopping—broadcasting taste and knowledge of great products recommended by people like you. Right now, we support several tools that help you shopcast lists and tags on your blog or website.”

Yes, it’s a website that allows people to recommend products and create wish lists online for others to read about. Aside from the blatant pro-consumption “let’s go shopping!” attitude, ThisNext can be a fairly useful way to show friends some of your favourite items, as well as to get all of your wish listed items scattered among several websites to collected together in one neat and happy place.

And, yes, it’s a good way to learn about other products you may not know about, like Mr Bento.

I’ll post a review about Mr Bento once I use it for a few of my lunches at work, but you may also want to know about another Zojirushi product, Ms Bento, that’s also for sale. It’s smaller, with two containers instead of four. With regards to the “shopcasting” site (I say that with a bit of a cringe), you can see my ThisNext profile, look at my recommendations and wish list (my birthday is the 27th of August, by the way), and perhaps make a friend of me with your own ThisNext page.


5 thoughts on “Come to me, Mr Bento!

  1. Sicky . . . sorry to hear that. I too have a rice cooker but not really sure if it has a cute animal logo on it or not. I’ll tell ya when I get back. I do like the rice it cooks up though; althought the last batch of sticky rice was a little too soggy for my taste. Oh, You must give details about the culinary delights you plan to christen your Mr Bento with though. Shall it be exotic tapas reminiscent to Sevilla, Thai summer rolls, Tuscan fresh salads, or Moroccan Cous Cous?! I can’t wait to hear! ;)

  2. Rice is a natural choice. Right now, since I’m living with my parents, I won’t be able to do anything too complicated. Since some of the comments I read on Amazon said the plastic tends to stain, I might avoid the pasta dishes and anything with tomato sauce for the time being to try and keep Mr Bento pristine. I’m thinking either Japanese foods (pickled veg, rice, instant miso soup, cold soba), Middle Eastern/Greek foods (feta, hummus, pita bread, olives) or some mish-mosh of Asian stuff, like my mama’s spring rolls and empanadas.

  3. Hear about the Japanese noodle-and-sushi joint downtown called ‘Bento’. It was quickly mentioned in a June 12th Orlando Weekly review. Thought you might find that interesting. Supposedly they have Bento boxes too.

    • I never used it! How horrible is that? I could really use it here in London now, though. Hopefully I can get more things sent to me here, and that could be one of them.

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