Samosa Lady News

So, apparently, All Spices of India, which was the home of my dollar samosas, closed down because the owner of the building allegedly wanted the woman, whom I have dubbed the Samosa Lady, out of the building.  During a conversation I was having with my new friend Gary at Stardust, I was telling him about the dollar samosas at All Spices of India, and, wanting to know if she’s relocated elsewhere, he turns around and asks another Stardust patron who explained to us the story.

Apparently it is illegal to make food in your home and then bring it to your business to sell, and the owner of the building had made a call to the Department of Health, and so she was shut down.  Alas, there is no new location for samosa goodness–our source said that she’s going to be just doing private cooking lessons, and not opening up a new store location.

So, that is the story thus far with the Samosa Lady, formerly of All Spices of India on Bumby.  If anyone is keen on going in for a lesson or two on making Indian food, I’ll see if I can find out any contact information for that.


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