Florida Film Festival: Eat it Up

This weekend marks the kick-off of this year’s Florida Film Festival. I’m excited, as there are a few food-related films that are being showcased along with other interesting-looking films. Earlier today, I bought the Cinematic Sampler 4 Pack, of which I traded two of the vouchers for a couple of tickets for upcoming shows: Hamburger America and the Shorts Program #5: Animated Shorts.

Hamburger America is a documentary film on one of the quintessential American dishes, the hamburger. The movie goes all across the US, showcasing eight different and unique burger joints. Although I don’t eat meat, I love food folklore, and this film seems to showcase the sensibilities of people passionate about the food they serve.

Also, one of my foodie icons will be a guest of the film festival. Anthony Bourdain will be there, although the event Kitchen Confidential was already sold out by the time I found out about it (damn!). He’ll be doing a celebrity book-signing, though, this Saturday at the Borders Bookstore in Winter Park Village from 4:00 pm until 5, so I’ll be heading over there after I finish watching the hamburger movie so I can be ready to try out my first moments of celebrity-stalking.

The Florida Film Festival will be showing films in two main venues, save for a viewing of Babette’s Feast at a restaurant which is already sold-out: the Enzian Theater in Maitland and Regal Cinemas of Winter Park Village. You can view the film festival schedule to see the film times. I’ve been a fan of film festivals here in Florida as well as the two I experienced in Thailand, where I was one (of many) who absconded with a huge banner for the Bangkok Film Festival of 2003. As my American companion of the evening and I both reasoned, it’s not stealing, it’s “liberating.”

Still, please don’t liberate anything from the Florida Film Festival.  If you do, then I had no part in encouraging you.


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