Food Nostalgia: Crépes & Co.

Around five years ago, I was living the last of my days in a hot, sticky country known as Thailand, renting a small efficiency apartment in the Royal King Garden Inn for a month until I moved on back to Orlando.  During that month, I packed in as much enjoyment as I could in visiting my favourite eateries and bars, often in the company of my two very good friends, Gary and Alli.

While living it up, I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Crépes & Co.  It’s a fabulous place off Sukhumvit that Tanya, a friend of a friend, had shown me.  Although I had only the opportunity to have gone there once, I’m still gladdened by its web presence, as it is giving me hope that the place will still be there whenever I get around to going back to Bangkok… which will happen!  :::shakes fist!:::

I can’t remember exactly what I had gotten, but I loved both the entrée crépe and my dessert crépe.  If you happen to be in the area, I suggest you give the place a go, as it’s a fantastic concept for a light lunch or dinner.  Although I’m sure I was well-satiated after my meal at Crépes & Co, should you be hungry, the streets of Bangkok used to house the best street vendors in the world.  It’s true.

Now I have heard of a crépe place here in Orlando that I haven’t yet been to.  La Creperia Cafe has been visited by my friends Fran and Joe, and they told me it was pretty good.  Curiously, the location they went to, which is the only one in Orlando, is in the Orlando Fashion Square Mall.  It’s not a place I find myself often–I’m at the mall once a month at best, and normally at the Mall of Millenia–but I’ve been tempted to brave the crowds of shoppers for a taste of tasty crépes.

Then again, with the way the economy is tanking in the US at the moment, the crowds of shoppers are probably not really “crowds,” but perhaps more like “small contingents.”


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