Open Source Food–oh, so sexy!

If you’ve perused my linkies, you will find a link to Open Source Food, which has recently been revamped by its amusing and talented yongfook (watch it–that last link might not be work-safe). It looked good before, and it looks great now.

For those of you who don’t know, Open Source Food is an excellent way to share recipes with the rest of the internet community, by photographing your dish du jour (or drink du jour) and posting its recipe for all to see, vote and comment upon. I was a fervent user for a little while, until I lost access to a digital camera. I’ve been vowing to add more recipes, including one for a recipe-less Filipino sweet that I make by instinct. You think I’m joking, but it’s true; I need to measure out the sugar and all as opposed to my normal means of preparation, the ever-so-sophisticated “dump-and-taste” method.


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