Food Sense article

I came across another WordPress blog with an interesting article entitled Freaky Fast Food Facts, and I’d like to recommend it to anyone who eats fast food on a big or little scale, as well as those of you interested in any sort of “food reform” in the United States. The blogger is Diane Carlyle, whose modus operendi can be read here:

As a certified health counselor, I know that good health has to do with more than just the food we eat. How much we exercise, how we handle stress, how we choose to nourish our spirit and our relationships, and even how much we laugh all have an impact on our health. What’s more, food or a dietary regimen that is beneficial for one person may not be beneficial for another!

With so much information out there – and with a lot of it seeming to change overnight – it can be confusing to know what to eat or what to do. Keeping up with the latest food recommendations, diets, health tips, and opinions is a passion of mine, and so I created this blog to be a go-to resource to find out what’s new, all of it tempered with a healthy dose of commonsense based on my experience and training as a health counselor.

So far, there are only two articles in the Food Sense blog, but I’m looking forward to seeing future writings, as I’m interested in this sort of thing, being a lover of food and all, and having read a bit of Marion Nestle’s books (but not enough, unfortunately) and seen Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me.


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