Casey’s Concoction and Other Fun with Beer

My friend Casey in North Carolina would like me to share this with you all:

Here is one beer tip I like to share with fellow aficionados: put a shot of espresso in a glass of stout. It should be a pretty sweet and chocolaty stout to balance out the bitterness of the espresso. I really like Lost Coast Brewery’s 8-Ball stout. Oh, and of course the espresso should be very good and relatively fresh. I dash from the best coffee shop in town (which is fortunately only a block away) back to my work just to enjoy this delicacy.

Do you have any other beer concoctions you’d like to mention? Most of us are familiar with the Irish Car Bomb, the Black & Tan and the Snake Bite. I’m rather fond of making shandies, though sometimes I wind up with half a bottle of beer that I don’t feel like downing–terrible, I know. The lemonade I buy is rather tart, so really I use the beer to cut the lemonade with. My favourite beer to use in a shandy are Czech pilsners or German/Belgian-type whites, and I’ve also used Sprite or ginger ale instead of lemonade.

The Wikipedia article on the shandy led me to this article from The Prague Post: Magical blends. I’m including the list of mixes in its side bar below: The “bee sting” looks like something I might like:

  • Beer bloody mary: beer with tomato juice, Tabasco and Worcestershire (optional: vodka, raw egg)
  • Bee sting: dark beer and orange juice
  • Black velvet: stout, such as Guinness, cut 50-50 with Champagne
  • Boilermaker (or depth charge): a shot glass of whiskey dropped into a glass of beer
  • Broadway (or diesel): beer and cola
  • Liverpool kiss: dark beer with cassis
  • Magické oko: a shot of zelená liqueur dropped into a glass of beer
  • Radler (or panaché): beer with lemonade or lemon soda, usually around 2:1
  • Red eye: a shot of tomato juice added to beer (also known as a red rooster)
  • Shandygaff (or shandy): beer with ginger beer, ginger ale or lemonade
  • Skip and go naked: beer with lemon juice, gin and often whatever else is on hand
  • Snakebite: beer cut with cider, 50-50
  • Terminator: Long Island iced tea, beer and Kahlua

The “bee sting” looks like something I might like, but beer and cola just seems unholy, and I don’t know if I’d try mixing tomato juice with any perfectly good beer. If you do, though, maybe you’ll let me grab a sip out of your glass to see how I like it.


red rice and white


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