Lamenting the Loss of Dollar Samosas

It’s been at least a month or so since All Spices of India, a small Indian grocery store right off of Bumby, has been closed. The sign is gone, the familiar champagne-coloured Camry is no longer in the parking lot, and the promise of samosa deliciousness has vanished from the air.

During the short time I lived on Valencia Road in Colonialtown, I used to go to that store on nearly a weekly basis, buying eight or ten samosas at a time for a dollar apiece, which was a ridiculous bargain. Coworkers would give me cash to buy them samosas so they could have them for lunch the next day. The particular pop of the spice the proprietress used in making her potato-and-veg filling was unique among her in the area. It was glorious.

Now, the closest place to downtown for Indian food seems to be either Woodlands over on OBT near Oakridge, or (more likely) the Indian place over in Winter Park. Neither sell their samosas for a dollar, and I don’t recall either having quite the 1-2-spice-punch of All Spices’ pockets of goodness.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of the Samosa Lady, particularly if she has moved her shop elsewhere, the information would be most welcome. Oh Samosa Lady! Come back with your delicious wares!


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