No, really, I do bake

I feel a bit odd about mentioning my baking hobby and not really having much evidence right away. Well, for the time being, I won’t be doing too much baking because, frankly, I’m low on flour and I don’t get paid until Thursday. In addition to mailing off my bills and getting that Edith Piaf CD I specially ordered at Park Ave CDs (I’m such a dork), I need to mosey over to Whole Foods–preferably when it’s not stupid busy–and pick up a nice, hefty bag of flour.

For a while, Publix was selling Gold Medal organic flour in a large 5-pound bag, but I haven’t seen them in the stores in a while. Depending on how active I am, I can go through a 5-lb bag in a month or about a month and a half. Publix still sells organic flour, but in smaller bags that cost damn near the same as my big bag. Tsk!

So yeah, I need flour. Organic flour. I try to buy organic when I can, provided that there isn’t much of a price difference and that the product is available. For example, I don’t really buy organic chocolate to bake with, as the availability is low where I live, and the cost is too much for me right now to spend. On the other hand, the organic vanilla and almond extracts at Whole Foods costs the same as the conventional versions at Publix, so I’ve been buying those, along with my flour and sugar, both brown sugar and the regular granulated kind, provided they’re available at the store. I get organic apples and pears either at the supermarket or delivered to me through Orlando Organics.

I recently got a digital camera for the intention of photographing the food I make to post here and on Open Source Food. Right now, I have an Open Source Food page that has only a few things linked to my profile when I was using my boyfriend’s camera. I’m hoping to expand that number once I get crafty enough in the kitchen, as well as have the time to fuss with the food placement, the plates and the lighting. “Vogue for me, cookie! Blue steel, bundt cake!”

Speaking of bundts, I made one last week for an interdepartmental pot luck at work. I used a recipe from Dorie Greenspan’s book, Baking: From My Home to Yours, which I am currently checking out from the library. It’s the first time I’ve baked with a bundt pan, and I overbuttered it, leaving pools of butter in the pan, causing the inverted top of the cake to be partially covered with buttery bubbles that looked like an odd growth on the rest of the cake. It was like a giant cluster of cake pimples. I covered it with a healthy heap of powdered sugar the night before, but when I unveiled the cake the following morning, the butter-zits had managed to expose themselves by absorbing the thick layer of dusted sugar. Alas. The cake was still eaten despite its blemish, but a lesson was duly learnt, and my next bundt pan expedition will be more easy on the butter.

Now that I think of it, it’s a shame I didn’t take a picture of the cake’s butter pimples.


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