An Awkward Start

So, I’ve had the idea of a “baking blog” for quite a bit–over half a year, actually–but it’s only now that I’ve begun my idea in earnest. There’s a Humble Voice account out there I’ve neglected that has some early postings on food made and recipes discovered, and an Open Source Food account that lies in a similar state, although mostly due to a lack of a digital camera to take photos of food with, a problem since rectified.

It’s a good time for what I’m viewing as my “official” foray into food blogging, as the January air is ripe with New Year’s Resolutions. Unlike the common diet resolutions flitting about this time of year, this one is geared towards the unabashed enjoyment of food and drinks, and the vow to revel in more culinary hedonism in the future. I hope you will join me.


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